How it works

Build your immersive classroom, enter your lesson content, and start collaborating in a few simple steps.

Via the Web, via VRX Lenovo.

The classroom in H-Collaboration is a hybrid space where you can share 3D models and media, equipped with Host/Guest mode, allowing you to access the space with a Room Code.

The teacher who creates it will access the Dashboard Panel of the application through VRX Lenovo and click on Create New Room.

The Room Code is an 8-character alphabetic code needed to identify a precise Room and lets you access it.

Each teacher can easily customize their lesson, choosing what content to include in the virtual classroom. Through the Deck Editor on the Web, you can import into your Deck:

3D models

Text Strings

Images, Audio files and Videos


To create even more immersive learning experiences, the teacher can also create multiple slides in a single Deck with different templates and media.

The anchor in H-Collaboration is the geometric origin of the virtual space (Room). It serves as a reference point for the area where you place holograms.

The anchor is represented in physical form by a QR Code. It is a mobile and versatile tool for viewing holograms in any environment, functional for remote collaboration.

Thanks to Spectator Views, students can observe the virtual lesson from an angle different from the one the teacher has. This allows them to collaborate and interact on the scene with any device, making Hevo Collaboration an INCLUSIVE and MULTIDEVICE platform.

It is possible thanks to the Spectator App available for Android and iOS.